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Talent Shows, Goodbyes and a Hello

Thursday 08/15
It’s hard to believe, but Thursday was our last day at W&J College!
We had our last lesson with Corey in a slightly cloudy mood where we held our final presentations on the topic „Revitalization Washington“. At Cathy’s lesson we had a talent show where we could show our best talent in groups of up to three people. It was probably more professional than we thought and we had shows from acro yoga to magic tricks to sports. On the same evening we had our final dinner together with guests like the president of the college and the Dean, where we enjoyed a delicious buffet and wine together. Afterwards we received our participation certificates and we gave our supervisors Michaela, McKayla and Dylan as well as our dear teachers Cathy and Corey a basket full of souvenirs and sweets from Germany as a thank-you for the last couple of weeks. Back at our house we spent the evening together and got our personal „most likely“ certificates from our tutors, which nobody from us probably expected. The last 3 weeks at W&J College have passed incredibly fast and we are leaving Washington PA with a laughing and a crying eye but are looking forward to the upcoming days in Washington D.C.!

Friday 08/16
On Friday we had to get up very early to finally pack our suitcases. Accordingly, we were all exhausted, which didn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to our three beloved supervisors. At 7:00 a.m. we took the bus to Washington D.C.. The air conditioning was definitely more pleasant on the way back as we all got used to the air-conditioned rooms after the 3 weeks in America. After our arrival in DC, we put our luggage only briefly into a room and got ourselves something to eat. At 2pm we had our only fixed appointment of the day, a visit at the German Embassy. The diplomat for environment there gave us an insight into the work as an ambassador and answered all our questions. After the visit at the embassy everyone longed for a shower, because it is very hot in DC this weekend! In the evening we had the opportunity to explore the city with all its restaurants and bars on our own. Some of us went to Georgetown, where there are many students bars, some others went to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.


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