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First Day in DC

From Washington PA to Washington DC

Saturday 08/17/2019
On Saturday we woke up early and started the day with a good breakfast at the hotel. There was a range of food, from eggs, bagels, yogurts, cereal and waffles. Ready for the day, we left the hotel at around 9:30am for our private city tour guided by Dr. Shaughnessy. Because it was already really hot, every one prepared themselves with lots of water bottles and sun scream. 
Hopping off the metro at the national mall, we had an impressive view to the Washington Monument. It should be just the first of all the monuments and memorials we visited that day. There were many more to come. Beginning at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial that was built in honor to the US president from 1801 to 1809. Our tour continued to the next presidential memorial, the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial. After that we passed the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial that was originally made out of one big rock, formed to a huge statue. Resting there for a little, everyone was remembering the popular words of his “I have a dream” speech. Additionally to that we had a look at the Korean War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. It was really impressive to see how the former president of the US from 1961-1965 sits inside the Memorial watching all the tourists.
At the national mall we also visited the World War II memorial, which is a memorial made out of 56 columns. They stand for the states of America and also for some special regions of the US that played important roles during World War II.
After all those new impressions, we had a lunch break and made our ways to the Capitol. At 2pm we had a tour inside the capitol where we visited the Crypt and the Rotunde. One part of the Rotunde is the national statuary hall with many statues of important people of the US. In there we learned a lot about Washington’s important history, buildings and people.
Some of us directly headed off to the National Museum of African American History, the National Air & Space Museum, and some to Georgetown for having dinner. Some went to see the White House and some of us went for a second visit of the Lincoln Memorial to see it lighten up during night. 
Even though we almost made 30,000 steps that day, some were still awake and ready to experience Washington’s nightlife. When others were already in their beds dreaming of monuments and memorials, they visited some bars and nightclubs to finish our great day in Washington DC.


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