Talent Shows, Goodbyes and a Hello

Thursday 08/15It’s hard to believe, but Thursday was our last day at W&J College!We had our last lesson with Corey in a slightly cloudy mood where we held our final presentations on the topic „Revitalization Washington“. At Cathy’s lesson we had a talent show where we could show our best talent in groups of up […]

Pittsburgh University and Phipps Conservatory

09.08.2019:Friday was packed with a lot of activities! We started with a late breakfast, since it was the weekend and we didn’t have any class. Afterwards, some went to the gym and others skyped with their families at home. Around 11 we departed to Pittsburgh. We had a picnic close to the Phipps Botanical Garden. […]

Pittsburgh’s Nightlife, Culture and the Day After

Saturday, 08/03/2019: Day 8 Strolling around in PittsburghThis morning started with breakfast at the campus cafeteria. Afterwards we had some freetime that we used differently. Some of us (the sporty ones) went to the gym and ran off the pounds from breakfast. Others called their families and loved ones at home and some of us […]

Pierogis, Coal Mines and Baseball

Thursday 08/01/2019 Pierogi MakingToday, our day started with the sustainability class, where we talked about stuff that Pittsburgh gave to our world. More than 21 important things have been invented here. All of us were astonished about the number of films and shows created in the Pittsburgh area. The show “Mindhunter” even was created at […]

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