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First Day in DC

From Washington PA to Washington DC

Saturday 08/17/2019
On Saturday we woke up early and started the day with a good breakfast at the hotel. There was a range of food, from eggs, bagels, yogurts, cereal and waffles. Ready for the day, we left the hotel at around 9:30am for our private city tour guided by Dr. Shaughnessy. Because it was already really hot, every one prepared themselves with lots of water bottles and sun scream. 
Hopping off the metro at the national mall, we had an impressive view to the Washington Monument. It should be just the first of all the monuments and memorials we visited that day. There were many more to come. Beginning at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial that was built in honor to the US president from 1801 to 1809. Our tour continued to the next presidential memorial, the Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial. After that we passed the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial that was originally made out of one big rock, formed to a huge statue. Resting there for a little, everyone was remembering the popular words of his “I have a dream” speech. Additionally to that we had a look at the Korean War Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. It was really impressive to see how the former president of the US from 1961-1965 sits inside the Memorial watching all the tourists.
At the national mall we also visited the World War II memorial, which is a memorial made out of 56 columns. They stand for the states of America and also for some special regions of the US that played important roles during World War II.
After all those new impressions, we had a lunch break and made our ways to the Capitol. At 2pm we had a tour inside the capitol where we visited the Crypt and the Rotunde. One part of the Rotunde is the national statuary hall with many statues of important people of the US. In there we learned a lot about Washington’s important history, buildings and people.
Some of us directly headed off to the National Museum of African American History, the National Air & Space Museum, and some to Georgetown for having dinner. Some went to see the White House and some of us went for a second visit of the Lincoln Memorial to see it lighten up during night. 
Even though we almost made 30,000 steps that day, some were still awake and ready to experience Washington’s nightlife. When others were already in their beds dreaming of monuments and memorials, they visited some bars and nightclubs to finish our great day in Washington DC.


Talent Shows, Goodbyes and a Hello

Thursday 08/15
It’s hard to believe, but Thursday was our last day at W&J College!
We had our last lesson with Corey in a slightly cloudy mood where we held our final presentations on the topic „Revitalization Washington“. At Cathy’s lesson we had a talent show where we could show our best talent in groups of up to three people. It was probably more professional than we thought and we had shows from acro yoga to magic tricks to sports. On the same evening we had our final dinner together with guests like the president of the college and the Dean, where we enjoyed a delicious buffet and wine together. Afterwards we received our participation certificates and we gave our supervisors Michaela, McKayla and Dylan as well as our dear teachers Cathy and Corey a basket full of souvenirs and sweets from Germany as a thank-you for the last couple of weeks. Back at our house we spent the evening together and got our personal „most likely“ certificates from our tutors, which nobody from us probably expected. The last 3 weeks at W&J College have passed incredibly fast and we are leaving Washington PA with a laughing and a crying eye but are looking forward to the upcoming days in Washington D.C.!

Friday 08/16
On Friday we had to get up very early to finally pack our suitcases. Accordingly, we were all exhausted, which didn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to our three beloved supervisors. At 7:00 a.m. we took the bus to Washington D.C.. The air conditioning was definitely more pleasant on the way back as we all got used to the air-conditioned rooms after the 3 weeks in America. After our arrival in DC, we put our luggage only briefly into a room and got ourselves something to eat. At 2pm we had our only fixed appointment of the day, a visit at the German Embassy. The diplomat for environment there gave us an insight into the work as an ambassador and answered all our questions. After the visit at the embassy everyone longed for a shower, because it is very hot in DC this weekend! In the evening we had the opportunity to explore the city with all its restaurants and bars on our own. Some of us went to Georgetown, where there are many students bars, some others went to see the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Waterfalls and Fairs

On Sunday we had to wake up unusually early in the morning, because it was an exciting day: We were going to the Ohiopyle State Park! It’s a big national park located in the southern reaches of the Laurel Ridge. So, in the morning it was kind of stressful, because of a lot of people prepared their breakfast with the food they bought Saturday evening, in our small kitchen. But nevertheless, we got it! On the way to Ohiopyle we crossed beautiful landscapes and neighborhoods with farms, which made us aware how huge this country is. After a relaxed journey our first stop was the “Falling Water” which is an UNESCO world heritage. 1935 this house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the “Kaufmann’s” family, a very wealthy family. They used it as their weekend house. The unique quality of “Falling Water” is its integration into nature, because it is located directly above a waterfall surrounded by wilderness. Edgar Jonas Kaufmann designed some furniture by himself. Most of us were surprised that he and his wife Lillian slept separately. So, the male sleeping and working rooms had higher ceilings and bigger furniture’s. It was really interesting to recognize that everything in this beautiful house was connected to the nature. As a gift for their anniversary, Lillian got an additional complex of the building: the guest house. It was directly connected to the main house with similar furniture as the main house. One of the differences was the size. After visiting “Falling Water” our guides recommended to go to the viewpoint to enjoy the stunning view. That was exactly what we did and took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures of the inside of the building.
The next stop was the lunch at the beautiful “Cucumber Falls”, which was an amazing experience in the nature. Some of us even watched a chipmunk ate a butterfly in front of our eyes which was really shocking. After that, our group separated into two smaller groups: some of us were in the mood to experience the natural water slide and the others just relaxed and enjoyed the sun at the wild river. Unfortunately, some guys hurt themselves during the water slide, so they came back to the river soon. After a while the whole group were reunited again at the river and enjoyed the rest of the stay in the sun. 
In the afternoon we set off to Washington to have dinner at “eat n park diner” which is a local restaurant. Most of us were starving, because we just had the small lunches prepared by ourselves. After the delicious dinner we got back to our house and some guys relaxed, some worked on their laptops, some took a short walk around the neighborhood, but the majority played our favorite game: werewolf. After this exhausting but very wonderful day in the nature everyone went to bed quite early. Times ran so fast and we couldn’t believe that our last week is going to start on Monday. 

On Monday, our day started with the sustainability class with Corey. We began with our final project “Create a revitalization plan for Washington, PA”. We had to take photos of downtown and started our research by asking locals about their opinion to Washington. This was a lot of fun and we got so much interesting facts and opinions about “little Washington” how Corey calls it. After lunch, we had our intensive English course with lovely Cathy in which we worked on our vocabulary by playing the game “Sour Apples to Apples”.
In the evening some of us went to Tanger outlets to continue their shopping trips. But most of us spent the evening at the fair in Washington which is the second largest fair in the state. The atmosphere was quite different than the fairs we are used to in Germany. The American fairs aren’t only about carousels and rollercoasters there are also places where farmers present their animals, local organisations try to convince people about their opinion and a lot of events like a tractor race. Of course, there was much greasy food and of course we wanted to try it all. We really looked out for deep fried butter but unluckily we didn’t find any. Instead we tried deep fried Oreos, Snickers, brownies and a lot of other stuff. It seems like Americans just deep-fry everything. Besides all the food, it was an experience to talk to more rural people and get a real insight in what Americans think about politics and culture. We talked to representatives of the Democratic party and to some farmers who presented their pigs at an exhibition. It was an exciting day with a lot of new experiences.

Pittsburgh University and Phipps Conservatory

Friday was packed with a lot of activities! We started with a late breakfast, since it was the weekend and we didn’t have any class. Afterwards, some went to the gym and others skyped with their families at home. Around 11 we departed to Pittsburgh. We had a picnic close to the Phipps Botanical Garden. Our first trip was the Cathedral of Learning. A very tall gothic themed building from Pittsburgh University. Fun fact: It isn’t a cathedral at all, just a lecture building. Besides the gothic style, the building is famous for its culture themed classrooms. The rooms honor the nations, most people came from to seek a new life in Pittsburgh. Afterwards, we went to Allegheny River to spend our time on a boat. The boat drove on all three rivers and we were able to admire Pittsburgh’s skyline! We also had the privilege to learn about the history of the city from the very beginning. After the shipcruise we went to a cable car to drive up to Mt. Washington. We snapped a beautiful sight over the city and went straight to go getting food. With full stomachs we aimed to go to a Football game from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Unfortunately, we came really late. We didn’t expect that so many people will show up. That’s why our two group leaders had problems in finding parking lots. They dropped us off in front of the stadium and only arrived in the 2nd quarter.

On Saturday we had an appointment at „Phibbs Conservatory and Botanical Gardens Sustainable Landscape“, so we left soon after breakfast with our vans. We booked a tour and were guided in two groups by an elderly married couple. The slogan of the Botanical exhibition was „Van Gogh in Bloom“ and it was faaantastic. Our cute elderly guides explained us interesting things about the sustainability of the buildings. For example the fact that they have zero costs for electricity and the building has no air conditioning – whats very uncommon in the USA. But they also have crazy stuff like reflectors to make the sun brighten up the office rooms. Afterwards we had lunch from our boxes on a green spot with a table and benches. Then we split up in different groups, some of us walked to shady place – which is kind of an alternative area with small shops. Others went to the Carnegie National History Museum, where Carnegie started displaying dinosaurs and conservated animals in jars for public observation. And by far the most exciting experience was the taco bell trip of the third group. It was an over 2000 calories for $5.99 feast with unlimited drink refill –  for example with the taco bell exclusive „mountain dew baja blast“. Most of us met again to drive back at 7pm to eat at olive garden (except the taco bell guys) but some stayed in Pittsburgh to bid farewell to this lovely city on the last day there. We completed the day with some grocery shopping at walmart to buy food for breakfast or lunch on our trip to Ohiopyle on sunday.

Shopping and more Birthday Cake

7th of August 

„Let’s go to the mall!“

Today the first half of our summer program is already over. Time flies! In our class with Corey we held our prepared group presentations about “How to spend a million dollars budget for Pittsburgh and its citizens”. We additionally created ads that inspire people to move to Pittsburgh and start their new life here. 

During the wonderful lunch of Tacos we had the chance to talk to some of the pupils from the marching band summer camp in the cafeteria. We learnt a little bit about their daily life and customs.

In Cathy’s class we played clue (“Cluedo” in German) which was definitely tricky but also a whole lot of fun. The winner received a prize out of her prize basket.

Our group was using the free time afterwards for finalizing several tasks for tomorrow: the job interview questions for partners, reading the assigned text about the fracking from a political view and preparing the reasons for and against fracking presenting in the reenacted council forum. If finished we were able to play “Cards against humanity” with our coordinators McKayla and Dylan or feeling a little sporty to go training in the gym on our campus.

Everyone who fancied some new clothing joined our trip to the nearby Tanger Outlet Mall.

8th of August

Celebrating Julia’s Sweet 21st

We had a filling breakfast once again and went to the Burnett Building to meet Corey for our first class of the day.

After revising the arguments we had prepared the day before it was time to officially start our city council debate. The city council had to decide whether fracking should be banned in the imaginative city of Greenwood or not.

It turned into a heated debate when one of the residents of Greenwood, a chicken farmer, voiced his worries about the impact fracking would have on his beloved chickens. 

Even though there were quite a few supporters of fracking in the town, his speech must have made quite an impact on the council members: in the end decided to ban fracking from Greenwood (and as Corey told us, we were the first group ever to ban it!)

We then went to have lunch which was Mac N Cheese and fried chicken today. During lunch we had the chance to talk to some of the American students who are at W&J for working during the summer weeks. Time went by really quick and before we knew it, our break was already over and we walked over to English class.

We sat down in pairs and started interviewing each other for our dream jobs, using some of the typical interview questions that Cathy introduced to us as well as some we prepared by ourselves. This was for sure a great way to practice for the next real job interview!

After class we had free time as there was no reading to do tonight. A few of us heard the marching band practice and went over to take a look, the motivated ones went to the gym as usually and some of us chose to stay in the house and just relax for a while.

After dinner it was time to head out to Rita’s Italian Ice Cream and Custard where we got to try flavors like cotton candy and cake batter. Afterwards we celebrated Julia’s birthday with a glittery cake.

A Birthday and Sandwiches

Monday 08/05/2019: Day 10 and Sunday, 08/06/2019: Day 11

Fun at Class and Bowling Pros

After a relaxing day off at the lake, Monday brought another batch of fantastic classes with Corey and Cathy. 

As this was the first class after we have been to the city of Pittsburgh, it was time to talk about the development of the region following the collapse of the steel industry. During the group work we brainstormed possible solutions to revitalize the region by diversifying the economy.  By creating a fictional budget of $100,000,000 to invest in the public sector we were offered the chance to come up with our own ideas. During the group work we were able to gain knowledge about the difficulties the city faced during the last decades and tried to balance the risks and possible outcomes of each idea.

In Cathy’s class we continued to create our own résumé and played “taboo” to playfully improve our communication skills. It also encouraged everyone to talk for a few minutes in a relaxed atmosphere. As another objective of Cathy’s class is to prepare us for the business world, she supported us to create a CV in English and gave us a first insight into an application process and occurring issues. Therefore, she also confronted us with “No-Go’s” and differences in European and American resumes. 

After class there was time to go through the text of the day for Corey’s class. As a big exception there was no additional activity scheduled for the day. However, as one of our great participants was celebrating his 25th birthday we still had a reason to spend another evening together. To ensure a great time some lovely people went shopping while others relaxed and went to the gym. The end of the day would bring us some memorable moments and gave us an even better understanding of the American way of life. 

The next morning Corey was happy to see all of us in great shape and ready for another group work. As we mentioned before we had developed a plan to revitalize the city and therefore, Corey now gave us more information about how Pittsburgh got out of its economic crisis by mainly investing in education and research. Which ultimately lead them to a significant growth within the healthcare industry and made Pittsburgh a leading region in that sector. The class concluded by us creating an advertisement to increase the attractiveness of the city. 

Cathy’s class started by continuing our work on the résumé. We additionally prepared a mock interview for our dream job in groups of two. Therefore, we took a closer look into job websites and searched for possible job offerings. To avoid mistakes and improve our confidence in real life interviews we were shown common mistakes and questions in those situations. The class ended by playing Clue. To practice a Q&A situation some of us acted as police officers and reporters to investigate a given crime. 

As usual we had an afternoon full of activities ahead. First, we went to the legendary restaurant “Primanti’s” where we were served a true Pittsburgh specialty. Sandwiches filled with Coleslaw and Fries in addition to “normal” ingredients. We were also surprised by a generous American woman who treated the whole group to appetizers including fried onions, fried pickles and fried zucchini. Not everybody was capable to eat up the portion but N.H. showed off his skills at the table. Not even two loaded sandwiches were able to beat our man, the myth, the legend.

Afterwards we went bowling at Meadow’s Casino. We would love to illustrate our immaculate skills but unfortunately it seemed that most of us left their talent at home. After some promising first throws our luck faded just like our first thoughts about becoming a professional player. Two rounds later we went to “Five Guys” to lick our wounds by getting a milkshake that increased our chances to get Type II Diabetes. Again. Good night! 
#gainweightchallenge #onepoundperdaychallenge 

Pittsburgh’s Nightlife, Culture and the Day After

Saturday, 08/03/2019: Day 8

Strolling around in Pittsburgh
This morning started with breakfast at the campus cafeteria. Afterwards we had some freetime that we used differently. Some of us (the sporty ones) went to the gym and ran off the pounds from breakfast. Others called their families and loved ones at home and some of us had a nap again.
After everyone got dressed up we headed off to Pittsburgh. It took quite long for everybody to get ready because the plan was to go sightseeing first and then go out in some bars or nightclubs later on. Since we would have not gone back to our dorm there was needed a special logistical planning on clothing, make-up and belongings to bring.
On our way to Pittsburgh city McKayla took us to her workplace in Washington, which is a restaurant called chicken-fil-a. It serves burgers, fries, wraps, and salads. Since we were all hungry (especially the ones who had exercised in the morning) we thought that Chick-fil-a would be a perfect opportunity for lunch. Especially the free fillings for the drinks made us happy and satisfies our thirsts. On that point of the day everyone was ready for spending the day in Pittsburgh city. When we arrived in Pittsburgh after a roundabout 50 Minutes ride in the W&J van, we first went to the Point State Park fountain. It is a fountain located at the point where the three big rivers off Pittsburgh meet. Those are the Ohio River, the Allegheny River and the Monongahela River. The whole park was actually quite impressive to us since we could see the Heinz Field, which is the football stadium of the Pittsburgh’s Steelers. In addition to that we were all affected by the view of the Pittsburgh’s skyline. It felt like the skyscrapers would almost reach the clouds at that day.
After taking many photos, we separated into smaller groups and explored Pittsburgh on our own. Some of us visited the popular Andy Warhol Museum and got new impressions of the Pennsylvanian Art. Some others did some shopping and one of our mates rented a kayak. Unfortunately he capsized and got totally wet. Luckily the Americans are friendly people, so some Americans invited him to come to their boat and get dry again. Consequently the Kayak Tour was fun.
At 5pm we met again to go out for dinner. At the Southside of Pittsburgh we went to the popular Cheesecake Factory that is known for having thousands of calories per meal. Some special mate looked for the maximum amount of calories per dollar and ordered that powerful meal. He wanted to be perfectly prepared for the following bar hopping night. After dinner our group headed off to a street with over 80 different bars. We went into three of them and got stuck in a nightclub where we burnt calories by dancing to American music.
After burning enough calories the DJ ended the party at 2am. We took Ubers to our home and directly fell asleep. Most of us likely dreamed of the American nightlife and lots of calories from the Cheesecake Factory.

Sunday, 08/04/2019: Day 9

Easy like a Sunday Afternoon
Sunday was our first and last free day of the three weeks. Free day means that everyone could decide for themselves what he or she wanted to do. After the very long night yesterday we started the day all together with a tasty brunch at the W&J Cafeteria. Since we always did everything together during the last 8 days, we couldn’t part ways on the free day either. So we all went together with Dylan and McKeyla on
the way to Raccoon Creek Park. After a one-hour drive with our beloved vans we reached a huge lake where we wanted to spend our day.
On the program were several activities as swimming, sunbathing, sleeping, hiking and a few of us tried our hand at water sports with the kayak. Afterwards we drove to a wild floor field in the Racoon Creek Park and had a look at the really big waterfalls in the park (look at the pictures, it is definitely worth a view). Around 7pm we went
back to Washington. Once there we finally had something to eat again. On the Old Mill Boulevard everybody could choose a restaurant he wanted to go to. The choice fell on Buffalo Wild Wings, where some Wings were devoured. Another group enjoyed their meal at Olive Garden Italy. The food included free salads and very tasty bread. The third group had once again a cravings for something Mexican and got some burritos from Chipotle. With full bellies and rested we reached our house later. There we let the evening end comfortably. A few of us also prepared themselves for tomorrow’s class with Cory, who gave us the homework to read a text about 21 things that Pittsburgh has given America.

Pierogis, Coal Mines and Baseball

Pirates vs. Mets

Thursday 08/01/2019

Pierogi Making
Today, our day started with the sustainability class, where we talked about stuff that Pittsburgh gave to our world. More than 21 important things have been invented here. All of us were astonished about the number of films and shows created in the Pittsburgh area. The show “Mindhunter” even was created at W&J college and is available on Netflix.
After that, we attended an English seminar about typical slang in America. Our teacher Cathy also introduced us to different typical American songs, for example the national anthem. Based on this, we analyzed the differences in terms of patriotism between Germany and the United States.
The highlight of the day was the Pierogi making at the Alumni house. Pierogi is a filled dumpling, which was introduced by east European immigrants in the 19th century. Our Pierogies were filled with sauerkraut, potatoes with cheese and cabbage. After we filled them, we cooked and ate them outside on a typical American porch. The Pierogis were delicious, and we can strongly recommend to try these.

Friday 08/02/2019

First trip to Pittsburgh, PA
This was the first day without class this week. We went to Pittsburgh and had a guided tour in a coal mine. We had to get there with a mine car and were surprised how small the tunnels were and under which rough conditions the employees had to work in the past. Underground there was an exhibition about the use of technical machinery to exploit coal. It was mind striking how the efficiency increased, by using more heavy machines instead of manpower.
Afterwards, we visited John Heinz History Center. As we arrived at the museum, we were a little bit surprised that it has exhibitions about different topics like Vietnam War, inventions and the history of Pittsburgh.
Fun Fact: You could receive a free pickle pin by collecting six stamps on every floor of the museum when taking the stairs.
After finishing our visit to the museum, we had free time on our own to explore the Strip District, where we had various kinds of coffee and pizza. In the evening we joined the baseball game: Pittsburgh Pirates against New York Mets at the PNC Park. We relished a great view of the skyline while watching the game and enjoying hotdogs, coke and nachos. The game became really exciting in the end as the Pirates were about to win. Due to heavy traffic, resulting in a very long way home, we had to leave the game before it was finished.
Nevertheless we missed the firework at the stadium, but we saw the explosions from our vans.

Cakes and Golf Balls

Monday, 07/29/2019: Day 3
The day started earlier than the days before, since we had our first academic seminar with our sustainability lecturer Corey Young. Before the class started at 9:30 am, we had breakfast together at the dining hall. First of all, Corey introduced himself and we got to know each other. In the lesson, we learned about the geography and demography of the Greater Pittsburgh area. Therefore, we did some research and prepared short presentations about the counties. The time went by fast and soon we were about to have lunch. Some of us used the free time after the first lesson to visit the campus store.

At 1:00 pm, our first intensive English class with Cathy started. In the beginning of the class, we had a quick round of introductions before we started to talk about the vocabulary for the reading we were supposed to do for Corey’s class. Since we were going to have a tea tasting at 3 pm, we finished class earlier and only had time for a few games to practice our English skills in groups of two.

The tea tasting event was only a few minutes away from the campus. Dr. Halder and his German wife welcomed us at their house and were so lovely to prepare some FANTASTIC cakes for us. As a delightful surprise we met Mr. Shaughnessy again. We tried a variety of 17 different sustainable teas and two iced teas. Most of us only managed to try four or five teas.

We started to think that Michaela, McKayla and Dylan try to feed us up, since after having so much cake at the Halder’s house we had dinner immediately after we got back. By the way, there was also cake at lunch and dinner. Welcome to America!

That day was Jula’s birthday, so we celebrated it with ANOTHER cake. But this time it was a real American ice cream cake. To get into party mood, we also had a couple of American sized wine bottles, played music and danced. It was a great evening!

Tuesday, 07/30/2019: Day 4
Today’s class was about the History of Industry in Pittsburgh. We learned that Pittsburgh started as a commercial hub because of its good location at two rivers. Starting in the late 19th century, the region was overspecialized on the production of steel. This lead to some economic and environmental issues. When the industry broke down in the 20th century, many people moved away from Pittsburgh since they lost their jobs.
Some exciting news before lunch: Chris got a scooter for his injured foot!!

In our English class, Cathy read out “The Three Little Pigsburghers” to us so we got an understanding of a typical American dialect from this region. Cathy surprised us with French pastries during a small coffee break. Afterwards we practised to understand the Pittsburghese dialect by watching a clip, doing a quiz and just getting more familiar with the new vocabulary.

Many of us used the free time after class to work on today’s reading assignments for Corey’s class. After dinner, we took the vans and drove to the Tower Golf & Family Entertainment Center where we had a really fun time playing miniature golf in smaller groups of five to six people! Another highlight was that the owner of the golf yard let us practice our tee on the real golf field for free. 

In the evening, some of us did some late night grocery shopping at the Giant Eagle Supermarket which is by the way called “Big Bird” in the Pittsburghese slang, as we learned in Cathy’s class today.

The Calm Before The Storm

27.07.2019: Day 1
After a few hours of sleep a group of early birds checked out the gym to lose some calories which they gained back at the nice and filling breakfast consisting of a buffet with omelet, bacon, eggs, potatoes, pancakes, waffles, cereals, bread and fruits at the college cafeteria.
Filled with a lot of food “Mega cool Michaela”, “Magical McKayla” and “Deviant Dylan” (the people in charge of us for the next three weeks) showed us around campus. The W&J Campus consists of several separate buildings like the main building with the two symbolic towers from the W&J logo, a library, a science center, a Recreational Center, a gym, plenty of smaller buildings with classrooms and the cafeteria. There is also a very interesting statue on campus honoring the first admission of women at W&J in 1970. At the end of the tour we sat right to Jefferson and Washington and got to know each other. For lunch we had another typical American experience by going to a fair for new freshmen at W&J’s with an indoor picknick.
In the afternoon Michaela, McKayla and Dylan took us to the most American store ever: Walmart. Even though we had heard that one can buy literally everything there it was still strange to find bikes, guns, laptops, books, fishing rods, groceries and sweets next to each other in one gigantic store.
Most of us bought some typical American sweets and ended the day together by relaxing, talking, playing basketball and hamburgers for dinner. After dinner we went to the President’s Pub close to
the college. There we finished up the day by talking and having a good time together. Cheers!

Fun fact of the day: There is a bus company called “Schweinebraten”, so there are buses driving around with “Schweinebraten” written hugely on them.

28.07.2019: Day 2
Sunday was supposed to be a relaxed day for us but during the morning basketball session Christoph injured his foot. So Christoph got to know the American Health Care System in its full glory firsthand.
After some hours at MedExpress and getting some crutches he was good to go. The rest used the free time to go to the gym, while others went downtown to discover Washington or relaxed in the sun.
In the evening we got to experience the famous American hospitality firsthand. The coordinator of the Fulbright program at W&J’s Michael Shaughnessy welcomed us for a typical American barbecue into his house. We enjoyed another great meal with Hamburgers, Hot-Dogs, self-made bread with cheese, pulled-pork and an amazing apple pie and cookies for dessert. Most of us went to bed early, as we would have class for the first time on the next day.

Fun Fact of the day: Indiana grows enough corn to feed the whole world.